Why Do Companies Increasingly Attend Virtual Events?

 Why Do Companies Increasingly Attend Virtual Events?


is We live in times in which companies need to strike balance between staying safe & healthy and staying in touch with its customers and business partners. Virtual trade events such as our Security Summit 2020 – Virtual Event have emerged as a perfect solution to this puzzle, and an increasing number of companies have been drawn to them for their key business advantages.

  1. You have direct access to a virtually limitless number of customers
    In addition to numerous exhibitors, virtual events bring together an even larger number of attendees compared to those taking place in physical spaces. As there is no need to travel and secure accommodation, your customers will be more willing to attend your event from their laptops and phones.
  2. You can easily check what your competitors do
    Virtual events and exhibitions are literal pools of big data. Analytical and reporting tools at your disposal allow you to check what the attendees are doing and who they engage with. Based on this, you’ll have access to top-notch business intelligence on both the attendees and competitors.
  3. Strengthen your market position with quality leads
    Virtual events give you access to valuable data on your customers which go beyond sterile attendance reports associated with live events. Instead, you can easily see who among your potential leads interacted with your content (downloads, views, etc.) and tailor it to their needs in the future in order to stay ahead in the market.
  4. Measure event ROI easily
    Virtual shows are all about metrics – these valuable data allow you to gauge the effectiveness of your presentation and measure ROI by combing data on session attendance, the number of downloads and scheduled meetings, and compare them with your initial business objectives.
    Security Summit 2020 provides you with an opportunity to check how and to what degree all of the above applies to you. Make sure you register for participation and see why virtual events are increasingly becoming a new business trend in 2020!

We are looking forward to seeing you at Security Summit 2020!

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