Adria Security Summit Powered by Intersec is driving attention from regional and global leaders. This year, we have the largest number of sponsors and exhibitors in past six years. Our latest contacts with companies prove that the number will grow.

Belgrade as an opening

Summit team members have done a first part of a regional tour which started in Belgrade where company Balkan Security Services (BSS) celebrated the merger deal with item centar d.o.o. Representatives of BSS confirmed their interest for the Summit, which will be continuing presence of this company, since it exhibited at the Summit last year in Skopje, North Macedonia.

The talks were also done with company Interfast, which also booked its space at the exhibition. Interfast has more than two decades of experience in a number of major construction projects in the country and the region, with licenses, certificates and awards received for the work done so far, about 100 employees and a number of highly qualified external collaborators.

Meetings were continued with representatives of Advanced Electonics, one of global leaders whose fire systems are found in applications from small, single-panel sites to huge multi-node networks, in many of the most prestigious and challenging locations.

Company DVS was also on the list, and our team was delighted to meet their representatives in Belgrade. DVS is specialized in design and implementation of professional visual solutions, using the latest technological achievements in the audio and video industry and we are proud to welcome them in Sarajevo in November.

Visit to Mostar

The next stop on regional tour was Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. This jewel beyond touristic offer has some unique companies that continuously develop and gain more market share.

At the beginning of our Mostar route was company Projecta whose focus is on electrical installation ofstrong and  weak current as well as execution of electrical – assembly works of strong and weak current on production, public and residential buildings.

Same day, we met representatives from Pastor, a company with more than 70 years of experience.Originally, factory of fire extinguishers is from Zagreb, Croatia, and Mostar subsidiary is opened in 2010.with focus on service and distribution.

Our final destination was a real surprise. Company NSoft has to make an impression on every visitor. This innovative team developed NSoft Vision, artificial intelligent system capable of identifying and verifying a person from a visual frame and from a video source. Facial recognition system works by comparing biometric data it detects from facial features with all identities previously saved in a database. Age and gender prediction feature estimates how old each recorded identity is and provides info on the identity’s biological gender. People counting enriches the system by giving the live data on the current number of visitors and feeds the strong reporting system.

All companies showed interest in Adria Security Summit Powered by Intersec and reserved their boothson exhibition. Some of companies will also present their solutions and products during the conference program.

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