Vanderbilt & ComNet Offerings: Bluetooth & Cybersecurity

 Vanderbilt & ComNet Offerings: Bluetooth & Cybersecurity

As ACRE brands, the Vanderbilt and ComNet portfolios run deep. Today we take a look at two offerings available in the companies portfolio.

Following the successful introduction of the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) reader family in conjunction with ACT Enterprise last October, Vanderbilt increased its contactless portfolio with the new VCredential cloud-based management platform’s launch.

VCredential is a cloud-based credential management platform that offers users the ability to create and manage Bluetooth credentials independent of the access control platform. Its key benefit focuses on intuitive usability and the opportunity to benefit from the latest industry technology trends.

Multiple Systems

Now, through VCredential, all Vanderbilt systems, including ACTpro, OMNIS, ACT365, SPC, as well as multiple third-party partner systems like SiPass integrated, support BLE readers and accessories.

A Bluetooth reader and the VCredential software are used to add and distribute virtual credentials, much like a traditional physical card, or tag is allocated to an employee or visitor.

Following a global pandemic, they have never been more apparent or needed. Virtual  credentials are time and cost-effective alternatives to managing physical credentials. Their convenience is that they enable mobile phones to be used just like a traditional access control card or tag.


Crucially, they are incredibly straightforward to work with. The end-user downloads the Vanderbilt Bluetooth app and registers for a credential with the system administrator (i.e., receptionist, facilities manager, etc.) Authorization can be granted both offline and online. The system administrator reviews and processes the request. This, in turn, sends the end-user a QR code that they save to their smartphone and link to their app to generate their credential. Finally, the end-user uses the credential (via the app) when approaching doors with Vanderbilt BLE readers to gain access.

ComNet’s Cybersecurity Options

The ComNet Port Guardian Physical Port Lockout is a new cybersecurity feature in the company’s long line of self-managed switches. This feature can physically disconnect a port if unauthorized access is detected.

The value in the Port Guardian arises when network access is attempted by disconnecting an IP addressable device on the edge to connect to the network. When Port Guardian senses the disconnect, an SNMP notification is sent to the head end. The affected port is physically locked out, preventing access.


The network administrator can reopen the port when the threat is eliminated. This feature also thwarts access through “spoofing” by disconnecting the port as soon as an interruption is sensed.

Cybersecurity is not something confined to just a secure IP network. Any network can be infiltrated. That is why the Port Guardian is such a valuable feature that is an unmatched benefit to ComNet customers.

About Vanderbilt & ComNet:

Vanderbilt is a global provider of intrusion detection and access control security systems. An advocate of open platforms and integrations, Vanderbilt provides customers with multiple solutions that perfectly meet their needs.  ComNet specializes in transmission solutions across fiber optic, copper, Internet, and wireless mediums. Both are ACRE brands. Visit for more information.

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