Suprema XPass 2. The ideal solution for secure access control

 Suprema XPass 2. The ideal solution for secure access control

Suprema is a South-Korean technology-based company, a global leader in access control, time & attendance, and biometrics solutions. Suprema has now its European branch, Suprema Europe SARL, which is developing its partner’s network in the Balkans.

Suprema provides its own Access Control solutions as the XPass 2 RFID reader, very compact and available in three designs. During the Adria Security Summit 2020, we have discussed the competitive advantages of the Suprema access control solutions with Mr. Baudouin Genouville, the Director of Suprema Europe.

What makes the XPass 2 different?

Comparing to the traditional access control that is centralized (Door controller + RFID reader), the XPass 2 is using a distributed architecture (TCP/IP Intelligent reader/controller). The reader is both a Door Controller and a Reader which lower the cost of ownership, both for product purchasing and installation, since installation is much quicker to operate.

The Suprema XPass 2 benefit PoE (Power over Ethernet), and can directly be connected to the door latch, the door sensor and Request to Exit button. For enhanced-security, XPass 2 has an optional SIO2 (Secure I/O2) module, that will connect to the door and accessories. SIO2 will be installed indoor, in the secure area of the building and that is connected to XPass 2 via RS485 OSDP (with secure channel in a Master/Slave mode).

Where the XPass 2 can be used?

XPass 2 is an ideal solution for those who need to reduce the cost of installation with keeping security as well of quality of service. XPass 2 is a perfect fit for shared working spaces, small offices, as well as for the gyms, schools, universities, factories, hospitals, or logistics centers, to manage from 10 to 100 doors.

Since it is IP67, Suprema XPass 2 can be installed both indoor and outdoor. The XPass 2 comes with a strong, vandal-resistant package, rated IK08. It has invasive moisture protection with the operating temperature between -30° to 65°C. No matter how harsh the environment, the XPass 2 is the ideal choice for outdoor applications.

Is it compatible with different types of access cards?

Due to its dual-frequency RFID card technology, XPass 2 supports both LF(125KHz) and HF(13.56MHz) including most common RFID card standards (Mifare, DesFire, EV1/EV2). If you have already issued cards for your employees such as EM cards, you can smoothly, switch to more secure standard such as EV2 with both old and new card working at the same time. You do not need to purchase all the readers again!

And what about NFC for mobile connection?

The Suprema XPass 2 can read Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and NFC signals to provide mobile credential capability when using Suprema’s Smartphone application [AIRFOB PASS] available on AppStore (IOS) and Google Play (Android).

With that APP, Suprema turns any iOS or Android smartphone into a highly secure contactless access credentialing device, eliminating the cost associated with issuing access cards and proximity devices. Due to our mobile access control solutions, your smartphone becomes your access key.

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