Suprema : Providing easy and user-friendly touchless Access control solutions

 Suprema : Providing easy and user-friendly touchless Access control solutions

Suprema is a global leader in biometrics, time & attendance and access control technologies. BioStar 2 is the Suprema web-based security platform with an intuitive interface. Besides basic functions, as doors readers and access rights management, Suprema BioStar 2 software proceeds many advanced security tools. It supports both SDKs and web APIs. Multiple integrations with 3rd party systems and Mobile Access Control tools make BioStar 2 the best Access Control Management Software on the market.

In March 2021, Suprema BioStar 2 was selected the best Access Control Software Management and Mobile Access solutions, according to A&S Magazine. Source:

BioStar 2 provides six levels of licenses with one-time purchasing model based on number of doors and advanced functions, as zone management, elevator control, Cloud, Active Directory, Anti-passback, etc. Facing COVID-19 health challenges, BioStar 2 simplified wearing mask control and temperature monitoring.

Face recognition authentication is becoming more accessible


In the past, contactless technologies were considered as luxury. Today, thanks to the constant drop in components costs and new algorithms advancement, face recognition is becoming accessible to everyone. The pandemic has accelerated the trend to the facial recognition authentication.
Suprema TCM10 Thermal Camera detects individuals with high skin temperature before entering the site. Moreover, FaceStation F2 is equipped with mask detection features capabilities. Alerts are sent to responsible HR manager if high temperature or no mask wearing is detected.

Mobile Access Control has never been so easy


The use of smartphones as credentials is now skyrocketing. Suprema Airfob Pass Application, available on AppStore and GooglePlay, turns any smartphone into a highly secure contactless access credentialing device. Suprema’s innovative Airfob Patch makes any 13.56 Mhz RF card reader compatible with Mobile Access Cards, converting mobile Bluetooth to RF card signal.
Suprema is now offering a special kit. New users receive 50 free mobile credits when starting to work at AirFob portal. Two types of mobile credentials are available: regular type (for offices, based on number of users) and dynamic type (for membership, like fitness clubs or shared open spaces based on devices and usage time).

Suprema Airfob Patch Source:

Mobile authentication helps companies to save costs, by eliminating expenses for issuing physical access cards. The choice to shift to mobile access is now evident for many companies.

The demand for RFID-readers remains strong


Contactless readers aren’t about only the face recognition or mobile credentials, it is also a traditional RFID-access control cards.
“More than a half of devices that we are selling in Europe are RFID readers”, says Baudouin Genouville. Suprema provides XPass 2 intelligent readers or XPass D2 “dummy” readers , which can been connected to Suprema’s CS40 controller or other brand’s door controllers (OSDP, Wiegand).

Suprema’s new X Station 2 will come out by June 2021


The last contactless authentication method widely-used now in access control is QR-code-authentication. It allows to enter the parking or to be easily invited at the office without being enrolled biometrically or having an RFID card.
Suprema X Station 2 terminal, which can authenticate access with secure QR code, mobile access card or an RFID card, will be released by June 2021.

Suprema Europe continue developing partners network in Adria countries

Suprema is proud of existing partners, working hard on increasing Suprema’s presence in the region through high-level projects, especially in Croatia:
Last year, Croatian Ministry of Justice and one of the largest Croatian insurance company Grawe were equipped with Suprema readers by Fidens Alarm. In next few weeks the company plans to donate Suprema Face Station F2 thermal cameras for the primary school and the transfusion medical center in Zagreb.
Thanks to Špica Sustavi, the largest coffee, tea and snacks brand Franck, Liburnia Hotels in Opatija or the Faculty of Medicine in Split use now Suprema high-end solutions. King ICT installed Suprema’s readers in NetCity, Zagreb shared office Center where are located many branches of worldwide known international companies and local firms.
Partners are the key of Suprema’s success during the last 20 years. Based in South Korea, Suprema has now a new branch in Paris Suprema Europe, getting closer to European customers. It provides faster delivery and better technical support, that improves services for existing partners and attracts new customers.

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