Radoslaw Kedzia

Vice-president of Huawei CEE & Nordic Region, HUAWEI Technologies

Radoslaw Kedzia has joined Huawei Technologies in 2008.
Radoslaw started his career in the company by working for Huawei Kenya as the operational director. Then, as Regional Technical Director, he was responsible for the East and South Africa region. In 2013, he became CEO of Huawei's Uganda branch, and in 2015, he became CEO of Huawei's Czech office. He is the first person from outside China to be appointed CEO in Huawei structures.
Before starting in the Chinese telecommunications company, Kędzia worked in Poland for companies such as Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa and Telekomunikacja Polska.
From 1999, he held international, technical, and managerial positions at Ericsson, Safaricom, and Siemens.