Luca Morganti

Lighting Product Manager, Inim Electronics

Luca Morganti, M.Sc.E.E., was born in San Benedetto del Tronto (AP) in 1979. He graduated in Electronic Engineering from UNIVPM in Ancona and started a career as an electronic designer involved in hardware, software, and optic development in security lighting company. He developed the first security lamp with LED technology and a reflected light optics in Italy. Since 2012 he works in Inim Electronics on the development of the new range of emergency lighting fixtures. Today he is Lighting Product Manager in INIM Electronics R&D department where he coordinates the design and the manufacturing of the Emergency and Signalling Luminaires. Through the years he contributed to the growth of the company.

13:30 - 13:50

Tuesday 3th November

Integrated solution of the fire alarm and emergency lighting systems by Inim Electronics

Speaker: Luca Morganti, Lighting Product Manager, Inim Electronics


Until a short time ago, emergency lighting systems were completely separate from the other security systems. Today INIM offers an integration of systems that includes emergency lighting and fire detection, with a unique control panel and a single BUS for both systems. This feature allows the creation of such systems in less time and at a reduced cost. The 2 apparatuses, emergency luminaires and fire detection can interact to increase their potential and functionality; for example in case of fire you can turn on the signaling lamps and emergency lamps to indicate and illuminate a specific escape route. A feature currently offered exclusively by INIM.