Katerina Ryan

Business Development SEE Europe, CATHEXIS

Katerina Ryan is a business development expert with more than 10 years of experience in driving sales in video surveillance and IT industry in Europe. She has acquired substantial experience in bringing fully novel brands, developing the existing ones and managing strategic alliances. She has developed markets and worked on large infrastructure projects with brands such as Pivot3, Grundig, Veracity, TKH Group and also has hands-on experience on integrator side.

12:00 – 12:30

WEDNESDAY 4th November

Increase your profit and customer loyalty with VMS

Speaker: Katerina Ryan, Business Development SEE Europe, Cathexis


Different users have different needs and challenges. Surveillance can be more than just a security system. A modern and sophisticated VMS can go far further than merely recording and playing back video. Learn how using intelligent VMS rules combined with data from 3rd party systems, along with a good understanding of the customer’s needs, can provide maximum effectiveness and efficiency and get a better return on investment.