Kaloyan Vasilev

Partner Manager, Bosch.IO
11:30 – 12:00

Tuesday 3th November

Using the IoT to make a building smart and secure! Why, what and how?

Speakers:  Raphael Lindenmeyer, Senior Sales Manager – IoT & Kaloyan Vasilev, Partner Manager, Bosch.IO


We welcome you to join us in this keynote to learn about:

Why – are buildings getting more and more intelligent? What are the key drivers and trends for these developments?

What – are IoT use cases that increase the security of a building and its user?

How – does Bosch.IO bring IoT into buildings? Learn how Bosch connects equipment and building infrastructure and creates a digital map of the facility to assess its current and historic condition. We introduce to you the Bosch IoT Suite and our building IoT platform - the Connected Building Services.