Jovica Jović

13:00 – 14:00

WEDNESDAY 4th November

Utility readiness during pandemic: keeping the lights on despite covid-19 - how to secure access and traceability in the event of pandemic?

Sepeakers: Paolo Guidetti and Jovica Jovic, ISEO


In times of pandemic or any other crisis, a wide range of companies that provide basic amenities such as water, sewage services, electricity, dams, natural gas, transport infrastructure as well as basic services such as banking, telecoms is extremely important together with their stable operations. Power and utility companies have a strong track record when it comes to preparing for emergencies. As a provider of critical infrastructure, the industry should plan for — and be prepared to respond to — any foreseeable hazards, including health emergencies. But, even the best thought-out and thoroughly tested business continuity plans should be adaptable to fully address the fast-moving and unknown variables following an outbreak such as that of COVID-19. Health emergencies add distinctive twists, including the potential of widespread quarantines, workforce disruptions and travel restrictions that may complicate previously tested continuity plans.

Iseo is presenting Locken, a tested and proved solution tailored for utility businesses that ensures access as the pandemic unfolds. The main advantages of Locken solution by ISEO are the support of traceability, easy and low-cost installation, access to the software from anywhere, high level of security: 2-factor authentication is made available, there is no handover of the keys, keys can be sent to anyone: access can be uploaded later, access on demand.