Jasmin Azemović

CISO | Associate Professor | Microsoft MVP

CISO and university professor active in the fields of database systems, information security, data privacy, forensic analysis, and fraud detection. Ph.D. degree in the field of modeling design and developing an environment for the preservation of privacy inside database systems, also the author of many scientific research papers and three books: Writing T SQL Queries for Beginners Using Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Securing SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server on Linux. Microsoft MVP (Data Platform) for the last 10 years and an information security consultant. Active speaker at many IT professional and community conferences.

13:00 – 14:00

THURSDAY 5th November

Handle data with care

Speaker: Jasmin Azemović, Mistral


Security, privacy, data leaks, industrial espionage are terms we hear on a daily basis. Are we aware of the potential dangers and potential consequences for our companies, customers and businesses? Before answering this question for yourself, check out the link entitled "World's Biggest Data Breaches & Hacks":

https://informationisbeautiful ...

Data Breaches figures are generally measured in the tens and hundreds of millions of records. However, the other side of the medal from the Hall of Fame is that it is unprotected data from databases that have reached the "deep web". What happens next, hypothetically, can have very serious consequences.

Is everything just so black? Learn about it on this session.