Miroslav Ćirić

MSc in Mechanical Engineering, Alarm automatika

Miroslav Ćirić, MSc in Mechanical Engineering, has worked in Alarm automatika since 1998, first as technical and project support, then as wholesale manager and director for the Croatian market. In 2017 he became the director of the project sales for export countries and a member of the Board. He is responsible for development of the Alarm automatika project sales.

14:00 – 15:00

Tuesday 3th November

IDIS video surveillance solutions - technology to increase profitability

Speaker: Miroslav Ćirić, mag. ing. mech., Alarm automatika


For all end-users, total cost of ownership is the most important question that they consider while purchasing a video surveillance system. That is also the starting point for IDIS designers and R&D that has developed technologies for more than 20 years now in order to improve profitability across the full system lifecycle – DirectIP®, DirectCX®, For Every Network (FEN), standardized cybersecurity, ultimate IDIS Warranty, Critical Failover, AI, etc. Fully compatible technology ensures that all hardware and software will work together while delivering rich functionality and features every time together with a fast and truly plug & play installation.