Mobile Access Control

 Mobile Access Control

Greater efficiency

Security experts agree that combination of smartphone access and cloud management makes access control much more efficient in comparison to classic on premise systems. Also more cost efficient, because the service is paid according to actual use and the initial investment is much lower.

Better security

Door Cloud is based on Zone Access cloud access controllers using the latest in security standards and protocols. This extends also to the hosting platform (Microsoft Azure) and the mobile app (Android, iOS). Numerous studies confirm that such system architecture is in fact safer from hacking than classic on-premise  systems.Greater efficiency

New possibilities

Door Cloud offers everything usually available from classic on-premise systems, plus:

  • Access points without card readers
  •  Ability to use smartphone access on all access points
  • Alarm management using smartphone
  •  Incident management using smartphone
  • System management from anywhere, any time
  • Granting access via web link
  • Managed access without the mobile app

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