How Do You Boost Your Profits and Customer Loyalty With Video?

 How Do You Boost Your Profits and Customer Loyalty With Video?

Today, video technology goes beyond serving as a mere tool of surveillance systems.  In fact, it has evolved to become a genuine business supporting platform, particularly with the advent of video management systems (VMS). So, if we assume that your business already has surveillance cameras, do you actually how to put them to use to learn more about your customers’ needs and maximize both the ROI and revenues in the long run?

  • Video analytics help you understand your customer’s buying behavior and patterns of interaction with your business. It does so by tracking and analyzing the whole of the customer’s journey from the very moment they enter your premises to their exit. By having insights into customer’s behavior, you can easily improve product promotion campaigns and streamline product placement arrangements, as well as manage potential queuing problems.
  • Modern video management software comes packaged with advanced video analytics that particularly shine in retail and fleet management applications, but are not limited to them. Many businesses feature point of sale (POS) systems. Integrating VMS in POS is a cure-all solution to issues that may be caused by shoplifters or fraudsters. It monitors all activities by customers and personnel and creates quality evidence for investigating attempts to misuse cash, debit cards, gift vouchers, or loyalty cards, helping you protect well-meaning customers and increase their loyalty down the road.
  • Whatever you are selling, VMS systems can be easily integrated with barcode scanners to make the payment processes automated and earn you favor with the customers who look for a smoother shopping experience. This integration allows you to avoid situations in which the scanned barcodes may be different from a purchased product or when a customer returns damaged goods.

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