Gain more control over all your security installations

 Gain more control over all your security installations

Manage your multi-site security from anywhere, at any time

Security is a primary concern for most businesses. However, if you have multiple sites or a large area with a range of access control, video and intrusion solutions, and these are all hosted and managed separately, it can become a logistical nightmare. A further restriction is that these systems can often only be accessed locally.

A new approach to security

However, all of this is starting to change, with the advent of next-generation cloud-based systems, such as Honeywell’s MAXPRO Cloud. This brings all of these potentially disparate systems together within a single platform that can be managed easily by logging into it using almost any handheld mobile device from almost anywhere in the world.

This can transform the security of small and medium-sized businesses, such as small retail chains or a property owner with a large number of tenants. By having all of their security solutions connected to the cloud, they can manage and control them all from one place. The ability to associate cameras, doors and areas make events more meaningful. For instance, this could include an intrusion alert with an associated video, or an unscheduled door access linked with a video clip.

This integrated approach is an ideal solution if you have a business that is looking for a more seamless and co-ordinated security solution across your sites. Using your mobile device, you can have real-time control over your access, intrusion and video surveillance systems. You can also enjoy remote help, management, configuration and additional services from your dealer or installer. Finally, you can gain new insights from the business intelligence provided by solution, which will enable you to reduce your costs whilst improving and refining your security system still further.

The benefits of a cloud-based platform

MAXPRO Cloud is easy to install, use and manage. Its tiered management system gives you the option of central, customer and zone management for your video, intruder detection and access control systems.

Lower costs – Because it’s cloud-based, you don’t need to install servers or software. To purchase, install and maintain it, you just need an Internet browser and/or the mobile app. The installation across multiple sites takes hours rather than days and the platform can be operational very quickly. This means, for instance, if you have ten sites you could typically save nearly £1,300 in installation costs and £550 per year on managerial and IT costs. It can also be scaled up or down very easily, so you only pay for what you use – again reducing your costs. With increased operational efficiency and less maintenance needed, both maintenance and personal OPEX costs will also be lower.

Higher security – A cloud-based solution will also help to reduce the number of false alarms you suffer and can also cut shrinkage in half. As it’s an integrated solution, any incidents can be identified and dealt with more rapidly. Any system downtime is minimised, thanks to a continuous health check that monitors the system’s devices for any potential failures or lost communications.

Increased versatility – A scalable cloud-based solution enables you to enjoy new services and also helps to future-proof your investment. The visibility of your security solution is improved through features such as the intuitive user interface and the powerful mobile app, along with a customisable dashboard which has multi-site viewing capabilities. Permissions and access can be managed easily across multiple sites. Finally, any firmware updates can be installed remotely and our cloud-based software will keep you up to date with the latest features and functionalities.

In summary, a cloud-based, next-generation security platform like MAXPRO Cloud will make your life easier, your premises more secure, and your bottom line even healthier. And it’s all underpinned by the financial stability and enviable reputation of Honeywell. This is already proving to be a winning combination for businesses who want to streamline their security system whilst also enhancing its cost-effectiveness.

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