FUJIFILM Optical Devices Europe GmbH: New Highly Integrated Long-Range Surveillance System from FUJIFILM: SX800

 FUJIFILM Optical Devices Europe GmbH: New Highly Integrated Long-Range Surveillance System from FUJIFILM: SX800

Kleve, July 2019

The FUJINON SX800 camera system marks FUJIFILM’s successful entry into the surveillance systems market.

FUJIFILM presents the new long-range camera module FUJINON SX800 to the surveillance systems market. With a full HD camera and an optically stabilized, 40x zoom lens from FUJINON, two high-performance components are integrated into one system. This innovation is the result of years of experience in digital cameras and a dedication to the highest optical quality. Thanks to its powerful 1/1.8″ image sensor, the long focal length range of 20 mm to 800 mm and state-of-the-art image processing technology, the FUJINON SX800 is ideally suited for aerial surveillance.

In modern society, the security needs of citizens are constantly increasing. Surveillance cameras with long focal lengths are not only used to address sensitive issues such as border security but are increasingly being incorporated into public infrastructure such as airports, seaports and motorways.

Long range surveillance systems must cope with special challenges. For optics with long focal lengths, the smallest vibrations are sufficient to compromise the image information. Heat haze or fog in the air also impair image quality. And, a focus drive that is too slow leads to safety-relevant information loss. 
However, with the development of the new FUJINON SX800, FUJIFILM has found a way to minimize the impact of these challenges. Instead of developing a surveillance camera and a separate matching lens, the concept of a fully integrated system consisting of camera and lens has been realized.

In addition to the high-quality zoom optics, the FUJINON SX800 has a powerful combined optical and electronic image stabilization mechanism that provides angle correction of up to ±0.22 degrees. The integrated high-speed autofocus provides a sharply focused image in less than a second, while a fog filter and heat haze reduction technology helps prevent weather interference.

The system provides consistently sharp images – even of objects several kilometers away. In addition, the integrated design of the new FUJINON SX800 reduces the high adjustment effort normally required for camera installation.

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