Do You Know Why Thermal Cameras Will Be In High Demand Even After The Pandemic? There Is a Way To Prepare For This Trend and Learn How To Put It To The Best Use!

 Do You Know Why Thermal Cameras Will Be In High Demand Even After The Pandemic? There Is a Way To Prepare For This Trend and Learn How To Put It To The Best Use!

The current use of thermal cameras to fight the Covid-19 has not changed their basic purpose. In reality, the benefits they demonstrated during the pandemic (such as the ability to support mass body temperature screenings) will be sought after even when the current crisis is over. Their key advantage lies with the ability to install fewer cameras within an installation and achieve the same or better level of performance as that of visible light cameras, thus securing better ROI for the investor. Combined with the fact that these cameras offer additional innate advantages and that their prices have dropped significantly at this time, both businesses and customers need to understand these products better and we know of the place at which this can be done at virtually no cost!

  • Thermal cameras will dominate the perimeter protection segment. The most suitable application of these thermal cameras is right inside the perimeter, especially in the one that has stricter requirements for alarm activation and detection. This means that they can, in essence, serve as the virtual “eyes” of perimeter security teams. This is especially true for tracking objects, vehicles and intruders, which is a task that thermal cameras can easily perform even in complete darkness, bright light and extreme weather conditions.
  • Temperature measurement with thermal cameras in industry will prevent failures and save money in the process. Thermal cameras can help detect and visualize temperature anomalies with machinery and activate an alarm when a temperature value approaches dangerous levels. This creates the possibility of alerting personnel in a timely manner before, for example, a fire breaks out. This makes thermal cameras ideal tools for industrial use, waste management and other applications.
  • Thermal cameras offer great visibility in the most demanding settings.  These cameras can offer superior image contrast in the most demanding work environments, ranging from complete darkness to the extreme weather conditions. They create images solely on the basis of the heat radiated by people and objects. This means that they can see potential threats and anomalies, no matter how low the visibility is. This makes them equally effective in complete darkness and on a sunny day. In addition to the functions such as movement tracking and the detection of crossing of a preset alarm trigger line, they also come packed with advanced analytics which can reduce the rate of false alarms.

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