Do You Know Why Mobile Access Control Is Becoming a New, Desirable Normal? Also, Where Can You Learn More About This Topic?

 Do You Know Why Mobile Access Control Is Becoming a New, Desirable Normal? Also, Where Can You Learn More About This Topic?

Smartphones have been winning over the world for more than a decade now, and a list of functions they perform is ever-growing. Their proliferation led to increased popularity of mobile access control which involves the installation of appropriate access control software on a mobile phone which becomes a mobile credential itself. Their functionality revolves not only around the provision of authorized access to customized groups of users, but around the management of key events in the field as well. Read on to find out more about why the mobile access trend is taking over the world and check out our tip about an event at which you learn how to make this technology work for both your personal and business needs!

  • Say goodbye to access management terminals and provide individualized administration options. Instead of unwieldy management terminals, you can now have customized and accessible dashboards with personal screens for each of your administrators. Administration can be done at any place and time (including multiple time zones) and integrated with a large number of networked databases for smoother authorization of users and added flexibility. The flexibility also extends to various access control technologies, since you can easily set up a single interface from which you can manage both your mechanical and electronic locks.
  • Narrow down access based on individual users and needs. If you are dealing with the access control, you must have felt the need to distribute individual rights across different categories such as employees, visitors, contractors, etc. Mobile access control allows you to filter access to doors, locks and entrances based on the roles an individual plays in your organization and at what time. You can, for example, program individualized access schedules for after-hours when you expect cleaning personnel and issue them special time-limited access authorizations.  Finally, with mobile access control, your staff won’t have to get back to the base in order to update their mobile credentials.
  • Mobile access control gets you closer to turning your facility into a smart building. Mobile access control allows you to track the movement of your personnel and visitors at all times. Combined with the door audit data and the information on the frequency of occupancy of various premises, you can make better informed decisions on expanding and refurbishing your building, reorganizing rooms and optimizing the layout for easier movement.

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