Do You Know What to Expect and How to Respond to Ongoing Crisis with the Help of Security Technology?

 Do You Know What to Expect and How to Respond to Ongoing Crisis with the Help of Security Technology?

Our time is the time of crisis simply because security industry is learning to respond to ongoing global challenges as it goes. Thankfully, all of this happened at the time of great technological advancement and convergence which can be utilized to improve the current state of public health which is endangered by the COVID-19 pandemic. The question is, do you know how the industry can respond to the ongoing crisis and does it affect you or the community which you do business in? Read on to find out more about this and learn where you can find all the answers you may be looking for!

  • How can facial recognition technologies work with big data analytics to counter the crisis? In order to manage the pandemic better, medical experts need to be able to perform several tasks in succession, i.e. identify infected persons, keep in touch with them during the quarantine and keep track of the persons they had contact with. All of this would be a tall order without access to the facial recognition technologies that need to be able to identify persons even if they are wearing face coverings.  
  • How can security technology help with mass temperature screening in a streamlined manner? Today, thermometers guns and IR-based measuring devices are widely used at airports, hospitals, banks, shops etc. In order to make this process faster and more efficient, the authorities have started to deploy automated mass body temperature systems with thermal cameras. They allow for keeping an eye on individuals without disrupting the flow of movement of people in crowded areas. Once a potentially problematic individual is detected, the person in question is removed to prevent further spread of infection.
  • Drones and robots make for easier crisis management. At the time when direct human contact is discouraged, these security devices can be repurposed to deliver food, groceries, test kits and medicine without endangering the lives of the personnel. There are also experimental projects involving the use of autonomous vehicles to transport ill people to the destinations at which they can get medical help.

Do you have professional dealings with the security industry at the time of crisis? Do you feel that its response to the pandemic in your community has been up to the task? Let us offer you a word of our experts on this by inviting you to register for the participation in our virtual Security Summit 2020  at which we will discuss this and many other topics of interest to businesses and end users! Let us work together on finding solutions to global problems and we are looking forward to seeing you with us online!

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