Do You How To Protect Your Security Cameras? We Know the Answers and Point You To a Place at Which You Can Lean More!

 Do You How To Protect Your Security Cameras? We Know the Answers and Point You To a Place at Which You Can Lean More!

As the surveillance is increasingly going the way of IP, cybersecurity gains more prominence as the main source of worry for the owners and administrators of camera networks. The disappearance of analog models and their gradual replacement by networked IP-based devices made it obligatory to consider the methods of securing them against cyber threats in order to get to keep these devices and protect your network down the line. In addition to giving you essential tips to keeping your cameras cyberattack-proof, we point you to a place at which you can learn much more about this and many other concepts!

  • Make sure your camera is sourced from a known manufacturer and check them in advance. Buying a no-name cheap model might seem like a good option at first, but it can get you in trouble in the long run. Cheap cameras often come with an invisible price tag in the form of outdated and poorly assembled models that simply do not cut it in 2020. Instead of this, go for products made by respectable manufacturers that offer a range of quality security features out of the box and promise regular updates. Finally, before shelling out money, you better learn how the manufacturer in questions promises to secure the data which is to be stored on networked devices.
  • Use hardline and rotate passwords regularly. Try to connect your IP camera be means of Ethernet instead of using Wi-Fi or 5G. Even if this is not feasible, it simply means that you will have to take additional measures to secure your purchase. One of these measures involves regular rotation of passwords unless you want to stick with default settings (wrong). These passwords should consist of 14 characters at minimum and be sufficiently complex.
  • Keep an eye on firmware updates. When using your brand new camera, you better disable the services, ports and protocols that you do not really need. As security gaps are regularly identified by manufacturers, you simply cannot allow yourself to skip on firmware updates and hotfixes in you want to have consistent security. Make sure you check if the updates are downloaded automatically and turn the features related to it on.

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