Do You Consider Yourself Ready for the Deployment of Next Generation Video Surveillance Solutions? Knowledge Is Power, So Where Can You Learn More About It?

 Do You Consider Yourself Ready for the Deployment of Next Generation Video Surveillance Solutions? Knowledge Is Power, So Where Can You Learn More About It?

In the past decade, video surveillance systems have become robust security platforms that can easily surpass what human personnel could ever do, earning them a place in commercial applications such as those involving time & attendance systems used to monitor employees. These systems went even further with the addition of smart video analytics and data collection capabilities. Also, are you aware that the data gained from the surveillance videos is now being used to inform business intelligence in retail and other industries? Let us tell you more about next-gen surveillance systems and the place at which you can learn more about them!

Are you ready to deploy video surveillance which is smart and context- aware? We live in the age of mass data collection and video surveillance needed to adapt to both informational abundance and scarcity. In a sense, it had to be more economic in dealing with data it collects, which is why the rate of data collection with these systems had to be aligned with the type of identified incidents. In case a suspicious activity is detected, data collection rate with advanced surveillance solutions is increased which helps the teams respond and manage the incident in a timely and proactive manner.

How is big data helping surveillance systems? Based on the huge amount of information that can be collected from multiple cameras, video surveillance systems have to provide big data infrastructure that helps these systems cope with them. These systems also had to be complemented with the ability to work with data streaming systems. Access to big data helps the security managers decide how to scale their surveillance system within the limits of available budgets which is an important consideration in this day and age.

How can predictive analytics help with dealing with incidents before they actually happen? The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics went hand in hand and worked to the benefit of surveillance systems which can now work with advanced neural networks. In an era in which operational efficiency of various systems largely depends on data-based intelligence, video surveillance systems can virtually anticipate incidents based on predictive analytics and help the security teams to prepare for them before they take place.  

Does your business involve working with video surveillance systems? Do you feel that you are keeping up to date with all fast developments in this industry? If you are looking for an easily available and trusted source of insights, you are invited to register for the participation in virtual Security Summit 2020  at which this and many other topics will be presented and elaborated by some of the most eminent security experts from globally renowned companies!

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